Sustainability in Sheet Production

Aston & Arden conscientiously chose partners with guiding principles of sustainability. The mills we work with must balance people, the planet, and profit. A terrific example is our Bamboo Rayon, Linen & Eucalyptus Tencel, and Sateen sheets partner.

The mill believes that social, environmental, and economic activities are interrelated, and their performances impact each other.

Factories are equipped with a modern effluent treatment plant where almost 99% of water is reused. Additionally, the mill maintains a one million sq.ft area of rainwater harvesting.

70% of the mill's energy used derives from wind farms. To date, the Indian government ranks fifth highest in wind power production.
Biogas plants and established waste management systems process industrial waste. Reducing and decomposing waste into eco-friendly byproducts reflects their responsibility toward the community. 
Carpooling is encouraged, and company mass transit is offered to reduce pollution.